5 Simple Vintage Home Decor Ideas to Inspire

5 Simple Vintage Home Decor Ideas to Inspire

Creating a simple, vintage space can be achieved with one or two carefully selected pieces. With so much focus on shabby chic and vintage decor, it can be easy to go overboard. Carefully placing a select few vintage pieces ensures that space remains crisp and clean with a vintage vibe. Here are 5 simple vintage home decor ideas to inspire your own creative spaces.

1. Add a Vintage Trunk

Vintage Trunk- Pink Pig

There is something about the mystique of a vintage trunk, also called traveling chests, that adds a special touch to any room. The more character your trunk has, the better. Each scratch and blemish tells the story of a journey to a new place during a simpler time. 

Vintage trunks can double as a coffee table or used as a storage chest. Pair your trunk with a few other vintage accent pieces or allow it to stand alone in a space with modern or minimalistic finishes. 

 2. Place a Vintage White Vase 

Vintage White Vase- Pink Pig

Vintage white ironside pitchers and vases are fun to mix and match. Each has its own detail and vintage charm. Showcase fresh flowers for a simple rustic appeal or create a tablescape with the white pitcher or vase as the centerpiece. Create a stunning vignette using white pitchers for gathering silverware or flowers. 

3. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Natural Vintage Elements- Pink Pig

Flowers are no longer the only outdoor element that is welcome in vintage home decor. Various charming bits of nature can be placed on tables and bookcases from driftwood to pine cones and terrariums. Combining older natural elements with new is a fabulous way to add a touch of vintage.

4. Vintage Glass Jar for Storing

Vintage Glass Jars-Pink Pig

From a practical standpoint, it is necessary to store small items like pins, cotton balls, or tooth picks. Why not store them beautifully in vintage glass jars? Whether you own authentic, vintage apothecary jars or a new one, the lovely effect is the same. 

5. That One Unique Vintage Piece

Vintage Wardrobe Rack- Pink Pig

Whether you scored an antique wardrobe or inherited a vintage Singer sewing machine, that one special vintage piece can set the tone of your vintage home decor. Position the vintage piece as a focal point or add an elegant vignette to create a gorgeous vintage appeal. 

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