7 Simple Tips for Decorating Your Modern Farmhouse

7 Simple Tips for Decorating Your Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse decor has come a long way since Laura Ingalls Wilder was a young girl living on her family farm. If you pay close attention, modern rustic decor elements typically found in country farmhouses are popping up in urban restaurants and penthouse suites. The modern farmhouse balance of rustic and sleek is not exclusive to country living any longer. 

What Is Modern Farmhouse Decor?

A return to traditionalism, modern farmhouse decor has roots in country charm while giving a nod to minimalism and simplicity. Modern farmhouse design focuses on refined comfort and casual living with an element of sophistication. If you like to put a fresh spin on rustic pieces to capture warmth while remaining modern in color and lines, you embrace modern farmhouse design. 

These 7 tips will help you achieve the modern farmhouse look and feel you desire in your space.

1. Use Materials to Capture a Modern Rustic Feel

Natural materials are at the center of modern. farmhouse decor. Select a balanced mix of rustic elements and sleek industrial metals to capture the simple, clean sophistication of modern farmhouse. Surfaces should be matte and low shine and farmhouse elements should serve as interest pieces. 

2. Minimal is Best

Modern farmhouse decor borders on minimalism, not to be mistaken with barn house hoarding. Include farmhouse objects that are utilitarian and can serve the double duty of usefulness and vintage beauty. The end result should be that your modern farmhouse style appears effortless.

3. Neutral Colors Work Best

When selecting a color palette, draw inspiration from clean Scandinavian interiors that soothe with neutral wall and surface color. Pristine white walls lighten up spaces that feature heavier farmhouse furniture pieces. 

4. Create Perfection with Imperfections

Although your foundation may focus on perfect clean lines and crisp colors, elements of age and asymmetry are necessary to capture modern farmhouse design. A weathered watering can or rustic wood dough bowl injects unique character and creates the perfect environment. 

5. Experiment with Contrasts

Modern farmhouse is a take on low-key luxury. Juxtaposing sleek modern elements with interesting old, rustic objects creates a contrast that embodies modern farmhouse design. Dark, rich wood up against clean white surfaces and smart placement creates a unique contemporary farmhouse look and feel.

6. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Farmhouse culture is rooted in nature and organic materials. Linen, hemp, and cotton add warm touches in the form of throw pillows, draperies, and blankets. Avoid plastics and overly processed materials that do originate from natural elements. Rely on local, handcrafted objects for a one-of-a-kind design. 

7. Modern Fixtures with Aged Finishes

There is no need to sacrifice modern conveniences or technology when crafting a modern farmhouse interior. Oversized rustic light fixtures can be wired to operate with energy friendly LED bulbs. State of the art faucets can be ordered in a weathered finish. Renovating cabinets to encompass the farmhouse vibe can be accomplished by painting cabinet fronts and replacing pulls and hardware. 

It isn't necessary to hire a professional interior designer to achieve the modern farmhouse look you love. Find inspiration on Pinterest and keep these tips in mind to create the interior of your dreams. 

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