Mud Cloth Pillows From Pink Pig

Mud Cloth Pillows From Pink Pig

Throw pillows are such a wonderful addition to any space, especially in the fall. There's nothing quite like huddling on a couch between the pillows with a blanket and a cup of something warm. It's that final touch that makes a room feel like home.

Here at Pink Pig, our collection of Handmade Mud Cloth Pillows are the perfect candidate to fill that role.

What is Mud Cloth

Mud Cloth is a great choice when it comes to throw pillows. Authentic African mud cloth is durable, more than capable of standing up to the challenge of regular wear and tear. It's lovely, decorated with distinct tribal patterns, and the black and white of this collection is a great compliment to almost any color scheme. They work wonderfully with our Moroccan Pom Pom Blankets as well, the perfect pair to liven up your living room. And since both of these items are fair trade, you can be sure that you're supporting the livelihoods of the artists who made them in the process.

It's Traditional

Mud cloth is a beautiful African tradition dating back to the 11th century. Its lively designs and unique texture make it very identifiable, and its elegance and sturdiness have made it quite popular. The process of creating these pieces is long and meticulous. The original fabric is made from strips of thickly woven cotton cloth. These strips are sewn together and then dyed using fermented mud collected from the bottom of ponds in the previous year. Each line of the complex patterns are painted on by hand, stroke by stroke, dried, and then painted again until the desired deepness of color is achieved.

When bought and sold fair trade, this beautiful art is a wonderful support to the individuals and communities who make them. From the hands of an artisan in Africa to the comfort of your living room, the rules of fair trade make sure everyone benefits from the exchange.

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