Finding the Balance Between Fabulous and Functional

Finding the Balance Between Fabulous and Functional

Farmhouse Furnishing- The Basics

The farmhouse look is all about meeting at the crossroads of rustic beauty, timeless form, rugged function, and simple elegance. This vintage and antique focused style echo an aura of distressed, all-American, homegrown timelessness with a faded color palate of Earth tones and an affinity for unfinished wood craftsmanship. Austere and resilient fabrics and construction materials not only provide a sense of lived-in intimacy the farmhouse style, but ensures that you will be able to enjoy your favorite pieces for years to come. 

How Do I Get the Look?

At Pink Pig, we're all about the balance of form and function and we work hard to ensure that our farmhouse furnishings are the best of both worlds. We believe that for the farmhouse style to work it has to look 'real', which is why we scour barns and farms all along the countryside to bring you authentic pieces to highlight and accentuate your home. Our ambition is to seek out the accessories to your life story. Let's take a look at a few of our farmhouse decor offerings and how they can bring a sense of country coziness to your home. 

Vintage Industrial Stool & Prague Metal Chair

The dining room table is the heart of the home and the farmhouse style gives the gathering space a warm and welcoming vibe with natural accents such as fresh flowers and distressed wood. Mismatched seating at the table with our Vintage Industrial Stool or Prague Metal Chair are staples of the look. These two pieces possess a style all their own while simultaneously complimenting the other perfectly. 

Farmhouse Barnwood Shelves

Unfinished natural woods are one of the cornerstones of the farmhouse look. Open shelving displaying essentials such as dishes and plates as well as heirlooms and antiques is another signature of the style. The Farmhouse Barnwood Shelves, made from half a wooden bowl, is the perfect place to exhibit your favorite pieces, let the plants get some sunlight, or simply hold your mail and keys.

Stripe Grain Sack Pillows

a major staple of the farmhouse style. Taking what's old and breathing new life into it to enhance your decor is a great way to achieve the look. These Strip Grain Sack Pillows are made from actual grain sacks for the authentic, reclaimed feel. 

French Cottage Blue Table & The Cottage Blue Harp Table

Cozy accouterments and faded Earth tones give a level of relaxed comfort to farmhouse decor. Cottage style tables, like our French Cottage Blue Table or Blue Harp Table, make excellent options for outfitting your living room. They give off an antiquated and calm aura while not taking up too much room. These cottage style tables perfectly accent the other while their individual unique tops give them each their own personality.

Farmhouse Butcher Table

The heart and soul of the farmhouse home, the dining room table is the place in which the whole family comes together to share stories of their day and spend time with each other. Another upcycled piece, the Farmhouse Butcher Table spent a past life in a butcher's shop before the top was replaced with rare black walnut wood. This table could be the perfect focal point in your farmhouse decor.

Learn More About Fabulous and Functional Designs at Pink Pig

Visit our Farmhouse Finds for more options to bring the rustic beauty of the farmhouse look to your home and keep in offer free ground shipping with all orders and a free gift with orders over fifty dollars!

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