The Ultimate Eclectic Gift Giving Guide

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The Ultimate Eclectic Gift Giving Guide

The growing trend of minimalist living that includes simplifying life and embracing Marie Kondo's objects that must "spark joy" makes gift giving a challenge. Meaningful, eclectic gifts that communicate an experience or emotion are the best received. 

What Is Eclectic Gift Giving?

Gift giving should never be simply checking a name off of the list at the holidays. Celebrating meaningful connections is at the heart of eclectic gift giving. A gift should affirm a relationship and express deep value. The gift is a symbol of the expression of appreciation and gratitude felt towards a loved one. 

If you have a memory with your closest friend hiking through a forest overgrown with beautiful fir trees, gifting a sapling would be a unique and memorable way to affirm that emotional connection. Transporting someone to a beloved time and place with an object is the true value of a gift. Shared experiences and feelings manifested into a unique and meaningful physical object is the center piece of eclectic gift giving.

Our carefully cultivated eclectic gift giving guide is designed to inspire gift ideas that are interesting, unique, and more than simply objects that will be soon forgotten. 

The Gift of An Experience

Rather than give an object, give the gift of creating memories. Here are a few experience gifts to consider:

  • A tour of a winery or brewery
  • Kayaking trip or nature walk
  • Trolley tour of an historic town
  • Spa day 

Personalized Gift

Gifts that call upon a special date or GPS coordinate are more than simply objects. They are a reminder of an important date, person, location, or other esoteric information that only a loved one would know. A few examples are:

Home Decor Gift

If you want your special person to remember you each and every day, gift a piece of home decor that will become an essential part of a space. Pulling this off requires an intimate understanding of your loved one. Consider these ideas:

 Specific Materials

Does your loved one adore copper or are they obsessed with sterling silver or obsidian? Materials are often important to individuals, as they conjure energy, memories, and culture. Honoring their desire to surround themselves with a specific material is meaningful and personal. 

Rather than mindlessly scrolling through catalogs to find occasional gifts, tap into a deeper connection and focus on how your loved one makes you feel in your soul. Allow that to guide your gift giving in a meaningful and touching way. 

Still struggling to identify the perfect gift? Reach out to the Pink Pig team. We are happy to help with one-of-a-kind rustic and personalized gift ideas.


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