Bring Your Garden Indoors During Cold Winter Months

Bring Your Garden Indoors During Cold Winter Months

If you live in a region that is frigid during the winter months, you understand what it is like to miss natural sunlight. You may even struggle with seasonal depression. One way to beat the chilly winter months is to grow a beautiful garden indoors. Indoor plants are proven to improve moods during the dark, gloomy winter.

Indoor Garden Ideas

Designate a space in your home where your indoor gardening will take place. With the right gardening tools and some fun indoor planting pots, your home will look like a natural retreat in no time. 

Don't let the cold get you down. We have several ways to bring the beauty and tranquility of plants indoors to boost your spirits and improve your air quality while you brave the cold weather. 

Pink Pig- Garden Tool Kit

Terracotta Flower Pots. Bring a bit of summer indoors with a set of colorful terracotta flower pots. Grow an indoor herb garden or plant a few succulents. Any green plant will provide a brilliant contrast against the rich color of these pots. 

Terracotta Flower Pots- Pink Pig

Driftwood Wall Art. If space is limited or you have a wall that is begging to be livened up, driftwood wall art is the perfect way to add plant life to any space. Carefully place the rustic reclaimed driftwood, secure to your wall and then add air plants and a variety of succulents. 

Driftwood Wall Art- Pink Pig

Galvanized Metal Circular Planters. We adore these planters and think they are the most elegant way to brighten up cold, dark rooms during frigid winter months. The planters are made from galvanized metal and are available in either black hammered finish or rustic chic grey. Place them throughout your home with lush greenery for a touch of summer during winter. 

Round Metal Planters- Pink Pig

 Geometric Bamboo Succulent Planter Boxes. Add simple styling to a home office or living space with geometric bamboo succulent planter boxes. Mix and match a variety of succulents for a delicate assortment of green guaranteed to lift your spirits. 

Succulent Planter Box- Pink Pig

Rustic Wall Planter. Go crazy and bring your garden indoors with an entire wall of rustic planters. The simple design allows you to plant a dozen different types of foliage including succulents, ferns, and herbs. 

Pink Pig- Rustic Wall Planter

The winter months are no excuse to abandon your green thumb. With a little planning and some dedication, your home can benefit form a lush and gorgeous green indoor garden all year round.

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