How to Decorate in Farmhouse Style on a Budget

How to Decorate in Farmhouse Style on a Budget

Do you crave that relaxed farmhouse feel  with imperfect finishes and a warm feel, but don't have a remodeling budget? That's OK. It is entirely possible to have a beautifully decorated home with a limited budget. Lucky for you, less is truly more when it comes to farmhouse decor.

 In a few simple steps, you can have the farmhouse look and feel without an empty bank account.

Step 1: Declutter and Clean

There is no need to hire an expensive home organization expert or cleaning service for this step. All you need is a solid plan and some great products. Using decluttering and cleaning printables is a great way to establish a plan that is manageable. 

Farmhouse decor is a simplistic interior design style and requires minimal clutter and a sparkling clean surfaces. Cleaning with natural cleaning products smelling of  citrus or earth sets the tone for your farmhouse makeover. 

Step 2: Repaint Walls

A gallon or two of paint is one of the least expensive ways to refresh and make a big impact. To set the stage for your farmhouse remodel, look for colors with warm undertones. Consider sage greens, buttercup yellows, creamy whites, or dusty grays. To stay within budget, paint one or two accent walls rather the entire space.

Pig Pink Farmhouse Decor

Step 3: Transform Floors and Windows

When we think of farmhouse, we think of old wood floors with plenty of charming character. If you are fortunate enough to have wood floors in your home, your farmhouse decorating will be much easier. For the rest of us, use large floor coverings over existing flooring. Braided wool rugs in a warm tone that compliments your new wall color is a great place to start. Don't be afraid to use mismatched rugs in adjoining spaces. 

Simple window dressings with a farmhouse motif can be found at local discount department stores. Add a rustic wooden curtain rod for bonus points. 


Step 4: Time to Furnish

Fortunately, mismatched furniture is part of the farmhouse charm, so there is no need to get rid of all of your furniture and start fresh. Take inventory of your current furniture and decide whether an old wooden piece can be revitalized with a coat of slate blue paint. Perhaps your comfy couch looks a bit more country with a large throw blanket over the back. 

Once you have decided on how to fit your current furniture into your new decor, add a few inexpensive farmhouse pieces. A wooden hutch, overstuffed chair, a steamer trunk, or an oversized farmhouse table are a few pieces to consider. 

Step 5: Have Fun With Farmhouse Accessories

Farmhouse Wall Decor- Pink Pig

Farmhouse accessories are fun to shop. Thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales are great places to start. If you don't live in an area where rustic accessories are readily available, shop online. Look for farmhouse pitchers, metal pails, wooden wall art, and farm animal accessories. Take your time and find the perfect pieces to top off your hard work.

With a bit of planning, some elbow grease and a bunch of fun your home will be transformed into a comfortable farmhouse on a budget. Good luck and enjoy!

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