Your New Favorite Modern Farmhouse Trend

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Your New Favorite Modern Farmhouse Trend

It’s Time To Mix The Metal & Wood Accents For An Eye-Popping Design Aesthetic
In the world of interior design, trends certainly come and go, but in the realm of modern farmhouse design, there’s one trend that simply lives on and on – and for good reason! There’s just something about the combination of warm, rustic wood and aged cloudy metal – the combination is just absolutely perfect! And if you take a look through our store, you’ll find a number of pieces that combine metal and wood together for the perfect rustic look that you just can’t help but fall in love with.
If you’re interested in learning more about this modern farmhouse staple, take a look down below for some tips and tricks on how to style your space with some warm wood and some marvelous metal.
It’s About The Accents
While many modern farmhouse furniture pieces combine wooden tabletops with metal legs and support or wooden surfaces with metal fixtures, this trend is more about the accents than anything else. For example, simple metal tabletop accents, wall signs, or even lighting fixtures can make a world of difference in a space. And when combined with a clean, wood-look texture, these metal fixtures really complement wood surfaces so well.
Some Ideas & Inspiration To Get Started!
It’s safe to say that baskets are a major staple of modern farmhouse aesthetic, right? And while you might automatically think about a wicker basket or a big wooden crate for storage, a metal basket with some cozy throw blankets would work wonders with a beautiful wood floor.
To play into a more industrial farmhouse feel, try looking for pieces that play with piping and other building components. For example, you could create your own shelf using galvanized piping that can be found at any local hardware store. For a more polished look, grab some matte-black spray paint to add a bit more contrast to your neutral-colored walls.
In terms of lighting fixtures, one could go crazy with all of the metal options available today. A beautiful metal chandelier would look wonderful over your wooden farmhouse table and metal sconces on your walls filled with the warm glow of an Edison bulb will bring out the natural colors of your wooden features.
Dive Into The Modern Farmhouse World Today!
If you’re interested in bridging the gap between metal and wood, the modern farmhouse look might be for you. Take a look at our online store and shop through our various furniture pieces, accessories, and trinkets that help to bring metal and wood together for a wonderful rustic look that stands the test of time.
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