Five Tips To Make Your Vintage Decor Stand Out

Five Tips To Make Your Vintage Decor Stand Out

Here at Pink Pig, we adore vintage décor! But have you ever felt that your new vintage décor just doesn’t look right in the room? Well, these five tips will certainly make your vintage decor stand out.

Have confidence in your color scheme

One of the simplest things you can do to make any décor stand out effectively is to have confidence in your color choices. Strong colors are best kept to small spaces as bold shades can often take the focus off your décor so it’s best to use them as little as possible which will make them stand out all the more.The best way to bring focus to your vintage decor is to build a bright color scheme around them and trust us, everyone will start to notice.

Prepare your walls

Painted walls will show up any imperfections on the surface, a solid-colored wall is less forgiving than patterned wallpapers. To set a room off and make your décor stand out, make sure you prepare your walls first. Always start by washing your walls down with a sugar soap solution to remove dirt and grease. Be sure to fill any holes or cracks with filler, once the filler has dried, sand down for an even surface.

Back to basics

When decorating a vintage room or home, keep in mind that a huge TV, a whopping sound system or just about any piece of technology is going to instantly draw the focus away from your prized vintage decor and antiques.

If you really can’t live without technology, then it’s time to get creative. Hide technology behind objects, TV’s can be easily masked behind a cabinet. If you want to take it to the next level, you can often find vintage-style facias that will house your not so vintage tech. Also, vintage trunks, baskets and storage boxes can easily hide any technology or gadgets while you aren’t using them.

It just felt wrong!

Have you ever been into a vintage home or building and noticed that some of the fabrics used just don’t match the rest of the room? Whilst it may only be a minor thing, it could throw a whole room off. It’s a good idea to decorate your home with period-appropriate fabrics. No, we’re not telling you to time travel and try to find fabrics from hundreds of years ago. Take a bit of time to evaluate your room and see what fabrics work best with your vintage décor and your color scheme before purchasing.

Placement is everything

Placement is everything. You could be doing everything that we’ve listed but if your placement is off then it’s just not going to work and you won’t get the desired effect. Position your vintage décor as a focal point in the room as it should be the first thing that someone sees when they walk in. If you follow these tips and get it right, we’re sure that you’ll be able to create a real atmosphere in your home.

Five Tips To Make Your Vintage Decor Stand Out

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