Transform Your Home Into A Green Paradise

Transform Your Home Into A Green Paradise

The winter months and cold weather are sadly still here but don’t fret as there are many easy ways to add nature back into your home and it could even have benefits for your mental health and wellbeing too!

Benefits Of Adding Greenery To Your Home

Transform Your Home Into A Green Paradise

There are many benefits to adding a little greenery to your home, especially during the winter months, beyond the beautiful appearance of flowering cacti or striking foliage, for example. House plants can play an important role in your home when it comes to the air quality and air purity of your indoor space. Research conducted by NASA discovered that house plants have the amazing ability to reduce levels of chemicals commonly found in the home. Plants can also help to reduce stress, anxiety levels and reduce blood pressure.

Easy To Care For Plant Varieties

If you aren’t blessed with green thumbs, don’t despair as there are a range of plant varieties that anyone can easily care for. Succulents and cacti are some of the most low maintenance plants you can choose to add to your home or office as they require very little attention and water. Aloe Vera is a very useful succulent plant for the home as not only is it very low maintenance but the gel produced by the plant can be used to heal sunburn, irritation and minor cuts to the skin. Snake plants and spider plants are great plants for small apartments; while the beautiful monstera is an ideal low maintenance but striking option to provide greenery to a room as well as a unique silhouette.

Planters and Vases

Transform Your Home Into A Green Paradise

Once you’ve decided on the plants and how they will be arranged in your home, you need to choose the planter options that not only suit the plants needs but your home aesthetic and color scheme too. Certain plants require certain planters, such as rustic clay pots but others could be placed in bright and colourful pots to add even more vibrancy.

If you don’t have the time to care for indoor plants, you could add a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your home which can instantly brighten a room and improve your mood and wellbeing. Pair your floral arrangement with a striking vase, whether it’s an eco-friendly wooden vase or a unique porcelain vase, for an instant mood boost. Have fun creating your floral arrangement!

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