What Does It Mean to Be a Handmade Artisan Shop?

what is an artisan shop

Artisan is one of those buzz words that is capriciously thrown around. What began as a meaningful term describing a craftsperson creating something beautiful by hand has been watered down by large retail outlets who misrepresent mass produced products to make sales. We aspire to return to the roots of the word "artisan" and focus on the personal touch you receive when you purchase artisan goods. There is something so special that accompanies the purchase of a truly artisan product. 

As a woman owned artisan shop, Pink Pig strives to bring you the following benefits with our curated artisan goods. This what it means to be a handmade artisan shop.

Impeccable Quality

Handcrafted with the finest materials, artisan items are intended to stand the test of time. The detail and attention that it requires to craft an artisan product is reflected in the impeccable quality. Artisan goods make for excellent heirloom quality gifts that will be passed down to generations. Here are some examples of artisan products that are far superior to their mass produced counterparts:

  • Glassware. Hand blown glassware is high quality and surpasses the beauty of mass produced glass. 
  • Baskets and Bags. Handwoven baskets and bags are stronger and more durable. They are also ecofriendly.
  • Slippers. Moroccan slippers have served women well for generations. Handmade using traditional techniques passed down through generations of leather artisans guarantees they are superior to anything mass produced.


Supporting artisan makers through your purchase extends far beyond the actual purchase. Relationships between artisan makers and their customers are formed based on a mutual respect for the craft and a love of beautiful objects. The education that occurs when you learn about the artisan product you purchase creates a cultural and personal connection.


Each handcrafted artisan object is one-of-a-kind. No two are alike because each is handmade and bears the uniqueness that only comes with a product that created with a maker's two hands. The heart and commitment infused into each handcrafted product contributes to its uniqueness.

Investment in People

Artisan handmade products

The most valuable component of an artisan product is the person who made it. The second most valuable is the person who buys it. In a world full of mass produced commodities, the craftspeople who dare to create and those who gladly pay a higher price in appreciation of the craftsmanship are the people who continue to carve out a place for the tradition of artisan goods. 

Support Small Business

Small businesses contribute to local economies through growth and innovation at a community level. Small businesses employee people who are not likely to be employed by large companies. Supporting small businesses, especially those owned by women and people of color, stimulate economic growth in many ways.

The next time you shop for a product, consider shopping with an artisan shop. Not only will you benefit in the ways presented in this article, but you will be taking a stand against mass production and the exploitation that can go along with it. Supporting artisans is good for everyone. 

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