In this historic time of reckoning and self-reflection, it's impossible not to ask yourself what more you can do to make the world better and to make the lives of our fellow humans safer and more equitable. We all have our part to play.

One of the reasons I love the Adirondacks is because we have a huge number of women-created, women-owned, and women-run businesses and nonprofit organizations: Dogwood Bakery, The Hub, Craigardan, Ernie's Market, the Bessboro Shop, Chez Lin & Ray's, Covered Bridge Realty, the Cupola House, Turtle Island Cafe, Gold Bar Butter, The Neighborhood Nest, Spring Hill Farm, Lake Champlain Yoga & Wellness, DAK Bars, Ledge Hill Studio, Birds & Muses, and a veritable bouquet of boutique floral companies -- Red Legs, Boquet Valley, Mad Crazy, Emily Phillips - Phillips Art Conservation Studio, LLC and Flower Designs by Tracy, to name but a few of the female-powered entities bolstering our local economy and bringing flavor, beauty, art, ideas, and expertise to our lives. What's more, unlike many retailers who have just become woke enough to support Black-owned businesses, since opening my shop in 2006 I have featured the artistry of a wide range of Black craftspeople, women-owned businesses, and non-profit organizations that create more opportunities for brands to connect consumers with ethically produced handcrafted items.

As a woman who worked for thirty years in the male-dominated world of Wall Street, I know firsthand the pluck and determination it takes for female entrepreneurs to succeed. My husband, & I moved to the Adirondacks to chase a shared dream: to start a business that would allow me to utilize a keen aesthetic eye and her sophisticated palate, and provide Fred an opportunity to show off his skill at restoring vintage furniture, and bake a slice of mean banana bread to boot. Thus the Pink Pig was born, tutu and all.

Though there's always something new -- and old -- on display in the boutique, one thing that's been part of my mission from the beginning is to patronage other women entrepreneurs and artisans in particular that give back, making it possible for other women and girls to thrive and pursue their own dreams.  Below are a few women we love and support and hope you will too!  

Here are a few of the women-created, -run, and -owned lines that you'll find at The Pink Pig.

Created by Caitlin Crosby, a performer who was inspired to help other women embrace perceived imperfections in themselves, The Giving Keys aren't just fun necklaces stamped with inspiring words -- Caitlin's business employs the homeless, creating more than 100 jobs in the Los Angeles area.

The Love is Project was inspired by Chrissie Lam's trip to Kenya, where she met a group of Maasai women creating beadwork bracelets as beautiful as their makers. There are now 1600 Kenyan women artisans making gorgeous beaded bracelets that can be found in at least 50 countries, all of those bracelets incorporating the word LOVE.

Those beautiful Tamra copper water bottles aren't just utilitarian objects for your next Adirondack hike -- the Tamra Jal, or copper water, they hold has Ayurvedic health benefits such as immunity-boosting, naturally antioxidant, increasing metabolism, and more. Creator Cheryl Freeman and Tamra customers are supporting the livelihoods of the Indian craftspeople who make the bottles and their lovely leather and tasseled bags.

The gemstone bracelets and earrings by Scout Curated Wares aren't just soul-supporting from the intrinsic qualities of their materials; the women who created Scout donate 10% of all net proceeds to organizations that support and promote women.

Kazi Goods - www.kazigoods.com
Kit+Syl Jewelry
Sue Handman
DAN 300 Austalia]]


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