Let's Bring Back the Joy of Holiday Shopping

Let’s Bring Back the Joy of Holiday Shopping

There is a sweetness, a thoughtfulness, a romantic notion in the air during the holiday season. Holiday gift buying is the opportunity to venture out and find that item that both expresses and celebrates the one who will be receiving it. It is a time to say "I know you and cannot wait for you to open this!". In fact, the holiday season offers as much fun, if not more, to the one giving as it does to the one receiving

Whether shopping for a friend, fiance, cousin, co-worker, or that distant relation who has made the world a better place for a great many people, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. Large department stores often offer the same items, making it difficult to find something unique and demonstrative.

The Singular and Separate is Found at the Pink Pig

Our inexhaustible, personal boutique has the quality and individual flare you seek for everyone on your gift list this year. Looking for that set-apart, special present for the one you love? Are you struggling to find something peculiar for an artistic co-worker and happen to be restricted by (an agreed upon) $20.00 spending limit?

Budget or Not, We Have What You're Looking For

While some are free to spend however much they desire, others have agreed to stay within a budget or need to stay within a budget. Having the freedom to spend as much as one desires can make it difficult to find a present that communicates personal feelings and expresses sincerity. Likewise, having a budget can often paralyze the creativity of the buyer. 

Consider Our Holiday Gift Guide and Experience the Joy of Giving this Season

$20.00 and Under for Co-Workers, Friends, and Relatives: 

  • Our Balsam Fir Incense is sure to bring festive cheer like nothing else. It comes with a wooden block incense holder and 24 incense sticks. Sure to usher in the nature of the season, making any bachelor/bachelorette pad and home quite cozy.
  • The "Salut!"Pint Glass is a fun, practical gift for any person on your list. The clear glass can be used for a favorite chilled coffee drink, craft beer, Sunday Mimosa, or to drink rich, chocolate oat milk. The black scribble-font is inviting and translates from French to English a personal, "Hello!"
  • Our one and only rustic, gold-finished Beard Comb bears the inscription, "The Long and Short of It" Does it get more fun than this? It is sure to please any bearded friend!
  • We have white earthenware Endearment Cups for all of the Fathers, Darlings, and Honeys in your life. They hold 20 oz. making them suitable for late night cereal, early morning cappuccinos, or those moments when chicken noodle soup is the only thing that will suffice.

For the Moderate to Open Budget:

  • Communicate love and friendship this year with comfy throw pillows. Our unique "I Pine For Thee" balsam pillow has a 100% cotton, neutral tone cover with a black pine cone printed on the front, and it is stuffed with fresh balsam needles! It is certain to freshen up any room this holiday season!
  • Comfortable, handmade throws are sure to bring pleasure! The Saint Raphael Pom Pom Blanket brings hand woven artistry and Old World style to the modern home, creating a welcoming atmosphere!
  • Our Alpaca Infinity Scarves will encourage warmth on the coldest of days! Available in a variety of colors, the luxurious alpaca wool scarf is not only a practical item this holiday season, but attractive as well!
  • The antique European Extra Large Dough Bowl will excite interior design, culinary, and artists enthusiasts alike! Do not delay purchasing this hand-hewn treasure. Shipping is free.

Let's Make Holiday Shopping Fun Again!

We trust that this brief gift guide has intrigued and inspired you, and we are ready to help you give the perfect package this year! Stop by the store or buy online today. Happy Holidays!

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