Add an Eclectic Mix of Black and White to Your Home

Add an Eclectic Mix of Black and White to Your Home

When it comes to home design, introducing black and white decor can provide your living space with that extra "oomph" and wow factor! Ditch the big box stores and buy beautifully-crafted decor with history and personality. Pink Pig offers vintage classics with a modern twist from rustic, scented candles to charming, printed throws, and kitchen decor that will give your home character.

Why Black and White?

Think of black and white as versatile, as it's a look that can lend itself to a wide variety of aesthetics. It can serve drama, freshness, timelessness, eccentricity, and that much-needed personal touch to your home. It can also provide a fresh contrast when paired with bold pops of color, glass, marble, or wood. Here are a few suggestions for incorporating black and white into your home.


Incorporating black and white into your kitchen can give it a clean, sleek appearance. This can be accomplished using fun, quirky accessories, or beautiful, classic pieces that will give the room an air of elegance. Try a fresh take on dinnerware and accessories to give your space a modern update with a touch of charm.

  • The Bee Juice Drinking Glass will give your kitchen a unique and charming touch! The graphic bee design provides an effortless contrast with the sleek glass.
  • For a touch of elegance, consider the Black Rustic Wooden Dough Bowl. This handcrafted bowl provides a vintage touch for your kitchen and can serve as a display piece.
  • The Oval Pig Plates are kitschy and fanciful! Surprise your guests with these curious little plates in pristine white.

Pillows and Throws

A touch of black and white in your pillows and throws gives lounging character. Think about the materials used for peak softness and lushness, as well as incorporating playful patterns and designs.

  • The Camargue Pom Pom Blanket is cozy and 100% wool. This blanket provides a traditional aesthetic that is the perfect combination of classic and modern.
  • Feeling playful? Consider the wondrous Bird Embroidery Pillow Cover! The design is absolutely adorable and will appeal to both adults and children alike.


For a quick accessory that can provide your home with earthiness and relaxation, place a few candles throughout the rooms of your home. Pink Pig seeks out candles that are vintage, unusual and that rejuvenate the spirit. We use ingredients such as soy, essential oils and coconut-vegetable wax.

  • Consider the Lemon & Oak Axiom Candle, which has a sleek, modern design with a white glass container and gold metallic lid inspired by the geometric patterns in nature. The scent is woodsy with hints of tea, lemongrass, citrus peel and amber.
  • If you would prefer something more dark and dramatic, try the Fireside & Starlight Great Basin's Starry Night Candle. This lovely and elegant candle will make you feel as though you're out on a cold night, soaking in the clean scent of pine.

Learn More About Adding Black and White to Your Home

A touch of black and white in your home can provide a personalized touch, whether your aesthetic is rustic, playful or modern. Not to mention, they make amazing holiday gifts. For more home inspiration, check out our family-run business Pink Pig, where vintage classics are given a modern twist. Look out for our large candles and new white vases, coming soon!

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