Create a Conscious Home with Artisan Home Decor

Create a conscious home with artisan home decor

We all aspire to create a home filled with cozy comfort and lots of love. Your home communicates your values and attention to the things that really matter in life. Decorating your home with ethically sourced, handcrafted decor makes a statement that extends beyond your sense of interior design. From your furniture to your glassware and each piece of carefully placed decor, rely on artisan, handmade products to set your home apart from the others. 

We have curated a list of ideas to create a conscious home with artisan home decor. 

Hand Blown Glassware

moroccan cone glasses

When you invest in hand blown glassware, you are supporting an ancient craft that was first developed in Syria in the 1st century BC. Each glass piece is unique with character infused by the craftsperson. Variations in color, pattern and shape are what make handblown glassware so special and an important part of a conscious home. Verve Culture Glassware offers a gorgeous set of four glasses that are handblown. Vibrant color is applied to the molten hot glass and then the pieces are slowly cooled. Each set is one-of-a-kind and a meaningful display of artisan craftsmanship. 

Artisan Bedding

Not only is artisan bedding exceedingly comfortable, it also makes for a conscious home. Handwoven, world class linens are free from harmful chemicals found in mass produced linens and blankets. Kantha cotton quilts and duvet covers are crafted in Portugal by garment artisans who have been weaving for nearly 100 years. 

Handmade Poufs

Moroccan artisan pouf

Considered to be very stylish and an essential part of a living room, poufs have made a recent comeback. Before you consider buying a mass produced faux pouf from a furniture store, consider investing in a traditional Moroccan pouf. Authentic Morrocan poufs are handmade by artisans from natural leather tanned in Marrakesh. Decorative embroidered patterns are handstitched, adding lovely detail. 

Handcrafted Furniture

Before heading out to Ikea to select some cheap, trendy furniture for your home, consider furnishing your home with socially conscious, handcrafted pieces instead. Sustainable furniture allows you to make a responsible choice for the environment while supporting the artisan community. Furnishing your home with sustainable furniture means that your interior design choices have a minimal negative impact on the environment. 

Baskets and Bowls

Baskets and bowls are an essential part of any home decor. Make each one a statement piece when you purchase a handmade, hand-dyed raffia woven basket. The locally sourced fibers are free from toxic chemicals. Handmade baskets are perfect for hanging on a wall or placing in any room. 

Outfitting your home spaces can create a warm and inviting place for friends and family but also make a personal statement about your choice to support the artisan community and minimize impact on the environment. Pink Pig is a woman owned business committed to offering fair-trade, artisan home decor to liven up your home and your life. 


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