When Your Bohemian Soul Meets Fair Trade

When Your Bohemian Soul Meets Fair Trade

For those among us, whose thirst for life comes in rainbow hues of all things Bohemian, Fair Trade, and the unique treasures it brings are food for the soul. The artist, free-spirit or hippie in you can easily come to life when paired with goods from around the world.

Pink Pig is proud to feed that spirit with our Fair Trade product offerings.

What is Fair Trade Goods

The practice of Fair Trade cuts out big corporations and puts higher profits directly into the hands of the farmers and craftsman who work hard to create products for sale. Many Fair Trade products are produced in developing countries with high poverty rates. The higher profit earned allows these artisans to offer better income and working conditions for employees and with that, improvements within their communities.

Some Fair Trade practices allow for extra income to go directly to community improvements such as new schools. Fair Trade also maintains focus on earth-friendly sustainable manufacturing practices. Fair Trade partners conscientiously protect the natural resources of their countries and, in kind, provides consumers with better quality toxin and chemical free food and other goods.

What is Bohemian Style

There are few rules to a Bohemian style and is, in fact, intended to be a style without labels. Our range of goods and clothing is sure to ignite the flame of any Boho heart! From clothing accessories to household goods you can take pride in the knowledge that your perfect find or gift has not only found it's perfect home in your world but has also helped another person or family elsewhere on the globe to achieve what some only dream of.

The absolute beauty of any handmade item is the time, love, attention and care put into each and every piece. Whether the item is carved, sewn, sculpted or built nail by nail, you can be sure each and every touch by its artist was done with a passion that cannot be found from mass production.



One of a Kind.

Mix Bohemian Style With Fair Trade Products at Pink Pig

Our Pink Pig family is thrilled to offer Fair Trade creations to compliment any Bohemian Soul.

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