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Artisan Kitchenware & Food

Our Artisan Kitchenware & Food include Thai cooking kits straight from an organic Thai farm to traditional Mexican chocolate made in the traditional.  Lovers of international food will surely love these international artisans-made kitchen tools in their home collections. Mexican cooks always have a molcajete, tortilla press, and hot chocolate molinillo whisk in their kitchen. Thai chefs know the importance of a well-crafted knife. The molcajete can be used for making some yummy salsa or guacamole.   A citrus juicer is perfect for the morning cup of juice and for making a vinaigrette to go with your citrus marinade for dinner. Our Thai Chef's Moon knife  Moon Knife makes it ideal for preparing coconut, watermelon, hard-skinned fruits - and all meat. These kitchenware tools worldwide will find a special spot in the kitchen of novice and experienced home chefs alike.