All Choked Up
Gigi & James jewelry is a sumptuous new discovery. Pink Pig is featuring this REMARKABLE LINE in our new shop in Essex, NY and soon available online.

All Choked Up
Gigi & James, founded 2010 by Jamie Anderson, is a result of Jamie’s love of all things vintage. She acquires vintage and antique jewelry from around the world and repurposes it with semiprecious gemstones, vintage beds and African beads, some which are old and rustic, to create jewelry that is unique, timeless and one of a kind.
Gigi & James jewelry uses elegant vintage pieces that have already lived a thousand lives to make brand new jewelry that is relevant to today’s woman and can be worn for any occasion. She can wear it on her wedding day, out to dinner, to parties and events or to simply add a little glamour to an every day outfit. Eye catching, beautiful, and sometimes bold, each piece of Gigi & James jewelry is designed and created solely Jamie and offers her customers a little piece of the past in jewelry that won’t be seen any where else.”.
I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie Anderson recently and her loving and supportive husband, Rob. They are a strikingly good looking couple and together they comb the world looking for vintage finds to repurpose into this extraordinary jewelry line.
But she has always honored that streak or irrepressible creativity that first showed up as a child. She made her own doll clothes. And later, could not resist bringing her new jewelry purchases home only to tear them apart and re-fashion them.

All Choked Up
All Choked UpWell, now we are lucky beneficiaries of her uncanny creative gift. We love her chokers, single or multi-strands of beads of all stripe. What you get is simply what we women want! Count on finding beautiful and unusual clasps, asymmetrical vintage “bling”, a variety of color from Aqua Crystal Quartz , Black Onyx, Pink Howlite to Yellow African Trade Beads.

Jamie loves the juxtaposition of rustic and refined. You will find a surprising energy arises from this combination. It is a SWEET harmony. Love the GROUNDING the rustic elements bring. SUPPORTS whatever perfectly sparkly eye candy Jamie selects to go with. And there is quite a cachet from which to choose…. SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS, a Vintage FUCHSIA Rhinestone Brooch, a Vintage Aurora Borealis Brooch, a Vintage Sterling Silver Marcasite Bird Brooch and the list is ongoing, surprising, unexpected and utterly sure to spark our interest!
These creations arise from a deep well of alchemy we call art. And it lives inside the artist. Each piece has a soul. Jamie sends these jewels of her artistic creativity out into the world - letting go isn’t easy- but it is her contribution and the world is a more beautiful place because of her commitment to this craft. Her process.
Of course I tried on a necklace as soon as I saw one. And let me say it was almost a religious experience. The heft and smoothness of the beads around my collar bones felt like ancient Ayurvedic therapy.
Make no mistake, this is STATEMENT jewelry. Pair it with casual wear, a tee shirt and jeans ... keep the necklace change the clothes and go out for an evening on the town.
All Choked Up
If a wedding is in your future think Gigi & James!!! You get something old AND something new in one. And if you nab the Vintage Rhinestone Brooch with Aqua Crystal Quartz, Vintage Brass Beads and Vintage Clasp - you get something BLUE as well, perfect TRIFECTA. In fact, why not gift the entire bridal party with a special collection privately commissioned by Madame Jamie herself?
In case I gave the impression Gigi & James offers only neckwear….let me assure you. There are earrings and bracelets exquisitely rendered on offer.
Creativity knows no bounds. Thank God.
FINE ANTIQUE COSTUME JEWELRY is new and happening now at the PIG!
One of the things we LOVE about the necklaces is the attention to the clasp. The clasps are so amazing that you look GORGEOUS going as well as coming. Jamie was describing one recently finished creation that actually drops down the back of the neck. When the hair is worn up the jewelry is shown to great advantage.
Catch a rising star, check out Gigi & James, “New Jewelry that has A Past”.

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All Choked Up

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