Garden Decor

Spring has sprung and you know what that means, time to get in the garden. Whether or not you were blessed with a green thumb there are many simple home decorating ideas that can spruce up the elegance of any garden.
Adding a statue or bust is one way to give the garden a little mystique. Statues add character to any outdoor space because they draw the eye and add something unique. Do you remember watching Secret Garden as a youngster? The beauty and elegance of that hidden garden came from the old, artfully distressed statues as well as the gorgeous flowering vines and trees. It’s a simple and effective way to add instant finesse to your outdoor space.
Of course, the allure of a statue loses its value in the evening if there isn’t proper lighting. One of the most personable ways to spice up your spices is to add the flickering of candlelight. Tin tea lite candle holders are perfectly simple and they still manage to glow in the garden. Any outdoor deck or veranda looks more inviting with the glow of a candle, and the tin holders cast unique shapes of light across the area.
Garden Decor
The warmth of the candles can be added upon with the addition of incense coils. They can be hung from any structure and give the eye something intricate to look at while simultaneously giving the nose a pleasurable scent. Lavender is the perfect scent for a calming atmosphere.
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Garden Decor

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