Gifts for the Chocolate Lover

Coco Chocolatier  - The Art of Chocolate

Inspired by art, Coco Chocolatier innovates in chocolate. Crafting exciting new flavors from all-natural ingredients, their chocolate bars are wrapped in works by emerging artists around the world. By championing creators of chocolate and art, they want to help build a future full of possibilities. Made with the world’s finest cocoa, fully traceable back to the origin, their chocolate is both ethical and luxurious. 

Established in 2004 and headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2013 the former firefighter Calum Haggerty acquired COCO CHOCOLATIER. Excellent raw materials from sustainable cultivation of Colombia in the highest quality are the base for treats with hard-to-beat flavor combinations. The chocolate is handmade, always delicious. The elegant and playful, very artistic packaging is developed uniquely for each variety in collaboration with artists. COCO CHOCOLATIER is known for crazy chocolate creations