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Garden Decor

Spring has sprung and you know what that means, time to get in the garden. Whether or not you were blessed with a green thumb there are many simple home decorating ideas that can spruce up the elegance of any garden. Adding a statue or bust is one way to give the garden a little mystique. Statues add character to any outdoor space because they draw the eye and add something unique. Do you...

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Summer Wedding Catalog

Our Sweet Dreams Pillowcase set was selected to be featured in the Stylish Home Catalog which showcases Etsy sellers for home decor aficionados! This 3rd eCatalog is really a primer that explores how handmade and vintage can make your wedding that much more unique… uncommon… artful – anything but pedestrian! The Etsy Team - StylishHomewent all out by not only presenting their own "wedding...

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