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Summer Wedding Catalog

Our Sweet Dreams Pillowcase set was selected to be featured in the Stylish Home Catalog which showcases Etsy sellers for home decor aficionados! This 3rd eCatalog is really a primer that explores how handmade and vintage can make your wedding that much more unique… uncommon… artful – anything but pedestrian! The Etsy Team - StylishHomewent all out by not only presenting their own "wedding...

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How Your Home Decor Can Be Both Old and New

Does your home decor express who you are now or who you were ten years ago? Have you been wanting to replace the lamp in the hallway? Get some new throw pillows for the guest bedroom? Making small updates to your home each year to keep it in style can be easy and affordable. And the Pink Pig is here to help. According to this article on Yahoo, the top home decor trends for 2012 fall into three...

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