Cottage Furniture

Sink into cottage furniture ... spring’ll get here soon enough

These are the months — as the snow quietly drifts outside — when the warmth of a cozy hearth draws us inside. When cottage furniture made of sturdy wood and soft cushions muffle thoughts of spring.
We’d rather be in here, watching the flakes fall. Here, where time doesn’t matter.
In small, comfy spaces like this, furniture should be simple, yet adequate. It’s the charm of efficiency, practicality.
It’s a spirit we brought with us from the Old World — and it’s a style that is re surging, according to
So how, we wonder as we watch the snow continue, do we furnish it?
We look back, RealtyBizNews says.
“Look to flea markets and antique stores,” a recent post on the site suggests. “You don’t have to worry too much about having a matching furniture set. Look for comfortable, functional furniture, and accent the room with antique picture frames, ornate mirrors and vintage ornaments.”
Consider the rest of your decor, too, the post urges. Pastel colors tend to work best — coral, green, pink and yellow make for dainty, country-style rooms.
And think creatively:
“If you can’t find an antique lamp, consider converting a vintage jug or vase into a table lamp for an authentic look,” RealtyBizNews says.
Mmmm. Yeah, maybe.
Have some more hot chocolate first — then contact us.


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